Industry Focus
Industry Focus

Over our 20-plus year history, we have developed deep experience and a strong commitment to investing across the following sectors:

Industrial Services – Prevailing outsourcing trends within the industrial services industry present an attractive investment opportunity. This highly fragmented market is comprised of a diverse range of niche service providers serving attractive customers and end markets. Supported by a resurgence in North American industrial activity, these dynamics create significant opportunity to build and grow specialized and differentiated service providers designed to tackle customers’ increasingly complex operational and strategic challenges.

Tech-enabled Business Services – Technology is disrupting a variety of industries and creating opportunities for many companies.  These opportunities involve enhancing existing revenue streams or creating new ones by using SaaS business models, mobile technology, data or predictive analytics or cloud based technology.  As a result of these dynamics, many business to business (B2B) service providers have significant opportunities to drive growth and lead transformation in their respective industry.

Healthcare IT – Dramatic change is underway in the US healthcare markets, which is being driven by both public and private initiatives. While the fundamental goals of this reform are clear to all industry participants, the ways to achieve these goals remain in question. The uncertainty and market dislocation being experienced present compelling opportunities for businesses capable of leveraging information technology and data analytics to drive accountability, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes.

Specialty Manufacturing – Thousands of vibrant, growing manufacturers exist across North America, providing highly specialized products and related services to attractive market segments. As a result of the dynamic US industrial base, ever-changing technological landscape, and strong reshoring trends, many of these specialty manufacturers are enjoying renewed opportunities for long-term expansion and profitable growth.